Project Management

Networking Matters Inc. has a comprehensive approach to project management based on the industry’s best practice standards. You can minimize your risk by leveraging our knowledge, skills, and our discipline, while maximizing your IT performance to ensure your projects are delivered on budget and on time.

The key to our project management success is based on our proven ability to meet each project with clearly defined goals and roles, accurately-applied resources, and aligning IT solutions with the mission and existing environment.

Network Design and Engineering

Networking Matters Inc. approach to design and engineering begins with comprehensive requirements gathering, a look at possible alternatives and a business case analysis.

Our professionals have the qualifications and experience to complete all phases of an engineering design. We know and understand the complexities of working within the constraints of large and small organizations to produce technologically advanced designs and are prepared to work with your organization to define the requirements and develop plans for any systems engineering project

Installation Services

Networking Matters Inc. professionals are uniquely qualified to install your hardware. Our team of certified professionals make it easy to add to or upgrade your current network. Our team will:

  • Perform site surveys
  • Unpack the equipment
  • Place the equipment in the rack that you specify
  • Configure the hardware and software
  • Perform LAN/WAN Migration
  • Extend circuits to reach your new equipment
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Firmware upgrades to the latest version

Wireless Communications

Networking Matters Inc. has delivered many successful wireless implementations including thousands of Access Points. We tailor proven design methodologies to each customer’s needs.

The process begins with gathering requirements and conducting site surveys. We then get an understanding of existing infrastructure and how it will be used moving forward. A comprehensive design is then engineered. Designs are reviewed with a focus on cost savings, maximizing use of current infrastructure, scalability and future supportability. Once a customer approved decision is made installation can begin. Once installation is completed, the network is brought up and tested. When testing is complete, performance measurements are made. A demonstration of the systems capabilities is then provided to the customer. We can provide training as well as make available vendor specific training. Networking Matters Inc. can also provide 24/7 on-site, as well as remote troubleshooting and maintenance.

Network Monitoring

All businesses need an IT monitoring solution to check performance, security and customer experience. The data collected from monitoring is essential for support. It is required to make informed decisions rather than guesses. It helps the IT staff understand cause and effect.

Networking Matters Inc. specializes in monitoring. Whether it is localized or cloud based, we can help you determine your needs, help you engineer a solution and provide you a complete monitoring solution.

We have the ability to properly monitor your Internet facing equipment and services as well as your on-premise equipment 24/7. There is nothing we can’t monitor. From small businesses with just a single server to large enterprises with complex networks.

Cloud Managed WiFi

Networking Matters Inc. offers full WiFi services, without the need for purchasing a large infrastructure, in order to offer advanced services like captive portals and secure guest services. This provides a quick ROI and faster deployment time line.

Advanced wireless services can quickly become expensive, requiring many supporting appliances and servers such as radius, NAC and web portals. Not to mention the man hours required to setup, troubleshoot and learn how to use and manage.

It can be made as simple as installing AP’s after a quick wireless survey and defining your needs. It can be deployed in days and not weeks or months. From schools and colleges, to offices, to hotels and coffee shops.

What ever your wireless needs, our Cloud Managed WiFi can be configured to meet your requirements.